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Info Security Europe kicks off in London

As technology permeates every corner of the planet, so the threat of significant security attacks grows. Articles that run on world famous newspapers like the New York Times, result in massive hacks into every PC owned by that organisation – within 24 hours. It’s a very serious world and security is something we should all spend more time thinking about. KitGuru ponders this on the train down to Earl’s Court.

The language used to describe different aspects of security – and the solutions provided – can often sound alien.

Walking around InfoSec, you will hear discussion of subjects like SIEM, GRC and BYOD.

Nope, we hadn’t heard of them either.

  • SIEM is Security Incident and Event management
  • GRC covers Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • BYOD is probably the only term that’s vaguely familiar, because it sounds like BYOC or Bring Your Own Computer for a LAN gaming event. In this case, it means Bring Your Own Device – and the whole ‘walking into work with a tablet or smartphone’ falls under this heading

The most obvious discussions around security include ‘access to personal data’, which can be anywhere from annoying to criminally serious. However, the loss there is through the act itself and, generally, limited.

Much more serious risks now exist for business owners that have personal data – especially credit card info – stored around their network. It seems that, these days, holding credit card data in a way that violates your agreement with the card processing company, can render board directors PERSONALLY liable for fines up to 2% of the company’s turnover. So, if you’re a director of a moderately large company with a turnover of just £2 million – you could be out of pocket for £40,000 for a serious violation.

We will be finding out more about the various risks associated with modern systems over the coming weeks. We will try not to freak you out with the massive number of threats present in the modern world.

If you want to go, but your boss is ‘difficult’, here is a FREE EXCUSES DOWNLOAD!

Security, in all its forms, pays. On that basis alone, we would encourage you to visit InfoSec at Earl’s Court this April.


KitGuru says: InfoSec is a great show, with a wide variety of exhibitors – prepared to make you ultra paranoid about each and every aspect of your IT existence. If you’re serious about security, then this is where you need to be. It’s a real eye opener.

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