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Re:scam the scammers with this new email bot

Chatbots have been a way to test steadily improving artificial intelligence for a while, probing it with questions to receive an incredibly human response. It turns out that this can be incredibly useful, as non-profit organisation Netsafe has launched its own Re:scam email bot to combat scammers. While some people …

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Epic Games is suffering from phishing attacks

A little while back, Epic Games had its forums hacked, revealing user emails and personal account information. Now we are starting to see that stolen information put to use as Epic Games is warning people that it is “experiencing a phishing attack” and that you probably shouldn't trust any emails that …

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Dropbox confirms massive password leak but denies server hack

Late last night, an anonymous Pastebin user claimed to have compromised almost seven million Dropbox account credentials, including emails and passwords. The user posted the first 400 direct to Pastebin and then proceeded to ask for Bitcoin donations before leaking more. The original leak has been followed up on, with …

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Steam phishing scheme can bypass two factor authentication

Steam accounts are under attack from a new phishing scam that tricks users in to downloading malicious software that bypasses Valve's Steam Guard system, according to Malwarebytes Unpacked. Valve launched Steam Guard in 2011 and has since made it mandatory for all Steam trades. Steam Guard works by placing an SSFN …

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