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Kim Dotcom to bring his politics to USA

Not perturbed by the fact that his Internet MANA party efforts in New Zealand failed to earn a seat in Parliament during the last general election, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has announced his intention to bring the organisation to America, with plans to launch the Internet Party USA in 2015. …

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Dotcom’s Internet Party shows modern politics at work

One of the biggest criticisms of politicians, long standing political parties and all that goes along with them, is that they’re antiquated. Often in practices but even more so in their ways of thinking, which is why it’s interesting to watch Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and his recently launched Internet …

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Kim Dotcom’s political party named, detailed

The Internet Party is the name of digital entrepreneur Kim Dotcom’s new political party, giving you little reason to guess what one of its main concerns will be. Much of it will be focused around improving the online privacy of individuals, restricting the spying capabilities (legally, not technologically) of intelligence …

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