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Royal Mail to offer 3D printing services

Of all the ways you could have envisaged the Royal Mail postal delivery service being revamped to be more competitive with the likes of international courier firms, who’d have thought 3D printing would be the way to go? But that’s exactly what’s happening, with the national postal service set to …

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Amazon losses point to tough year ahead

Amazon is just one of those web entities that you assume is big enough to support itself almost indefinitely. It has the world’s most recognisable web retail outlet and has its fingers in so many pies, something must be going well, right? Not so, as this last quarter it posted …

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Aria PC drops Ireland shipping costs for six week trial

In an effort to even out the cost differences between shipping to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Aria PC has switched to a flat rate fee for Ireland as a whole. However, it’s asking Irish customers to show that it’s worth cutting into its profits, or the change …

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Aria now offering £1.99 next-day shipping option

If you’ve ever ordered from online PC part sellers before, they usually know what they’re doing when it comes to sending through full systems or big orders, packaging everything up nicely so it arrives in perfect condition. However when you’re making a small order, it can suck paying that full …

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