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Vladimir Putin’s internet adviser runs his own torrent site

Even if movie studios might like to paint the world as unanimous in their hatred of piracy, cultures and politicians have different opinions depending where you look. In Russia for example, Vladimir Putin’s recently appointed internet advisor has strong links with a torrent site and has a much more relaxed attitude …

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Russia may be set to ban VPN and TOR usage

In a move that sounds an awful lot like David Cameron’s recent announcement that he would go after effective encryption standards in the event of his re-election, a member of parliament in Putin’s government is pushing for a ban on VPN and TOR access, in an attempt to stop people …

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Google floods Russia, Putin pro gay messaging everywhere

Across Eurasia, around 300 million Russian speaking folks will have powered up their favourite search engine to be treated to a peacock display of pro-gay messaging. Has any country’s state policy ever backfired so badly and so publicly?  KitGuru looks for rainbows in the skies over rain-drenched Blighty. Some battles …

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