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G.Skill introduces new Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5 memory series

The G.Skill Ripjaws is back. This week, G.Skill unveiled the sleek new Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5 memory kits, offering matte black or matte white heatspreaders with an RGB lightbar on the top. At 41mm tall, these DDR5 memory modules should be friendly for use with most CPU coolers.  The Ripjaws …

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G.Skill launches Ripjaws DDR4 SO-DIMM kits

G.Skill has revealed its new line up of Ripjaws DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM kits, which will bring as much as 64GB of memory to supported notebooks along with speeds as high as 2800MHz. These components are hand picked from G.Skill's own selective binning process in order to ensure that every SO-DIMM kit …

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G.Skill introduces 3.40GHz DDR4 memory modules

G.Skill, a leading maker of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) modules for enthusiasts, has unveiled its first 3.40GHz DDR4 memory chips. While the company is not the first to announce 3.40GHz DDR4 solutions, it will be the first to actually ship appropriate DDR4 memory modules in volume. G.Skill’s Ripjaws 4 …

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G.Skill’s Ripjaws DDR4 memory modules overclocked to 4GHz

G.Skill said on Friday that its specialists have managed to overclock the company's Ripjaws 4-series DDR4 memory modules to rather whopping 4GHz effective data-rate. While 4004MHz this is not particularly the world’s record memory frequency, the achievement shows that the first-generation DDR4 memory modules are rather good for overclocking. To push …

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G.Skill officially unveils 3.20GHz Ripjaws 4 DDR4 memory modules

G.Skill on Friday officially introduced its Ripjaws 4 DDR4 memory modules designed for performance enthusiasts. The Ripjaws 4 product line will include multiple modules with clock-rates ranging from 2133MHz to 3200MHz. G.Skill’s Ripjaws 4 quad-channel DDR4 memory kits will consist of 4GB or 8GB memory modules that work at 2133MHz, …

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