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Bill Nye’s Lightsail completes first round of flight software tests

Scientific educator Bill Nye's Lightsail, crowd funded space-craft project is continuing apace. Following the successful test flight and opening in mid-2015, the final version of the fuel-free space craft is continuing development, with a completion of the latest round of testing, which used a base-station, known as BenchSat, to simulate …

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Next MARS spacecraft to arrive this weekend

Hey Mars, guess who's coming to dinner? No not one of those rude rover types that trundles all over your beautiful face. It's MAVEN? She just wants to hang out in orbit and analyse your atmosphere, you're cool with that right? Great, she should be arriving on the 21st September, this Sunday. …

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NASA picks new generation of astronauts

While the shuttle project might be dead and it might be a few years yet until a new US based launch vehicle is ready to go, this hasn't stopped NASA recruiting its next generation of astronauts, picking eight individuals who will become trainees at the organisation, hoping to one day …

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Boeing given $92.3M from NASA for spacecraft

Boeing Co. have won a NASA award worth $92.3 million for future work on designing a spacecraft which could carry crews to space stations. Boeing are under contract with NASA to design the CST-100, which will carry a crew of seven people into low orbit over the earth. Boeing has …

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