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Gaming agency settles $1 million in bitcoin botnet case

Esports gaming organisation, ESEA, has settled out of court with its bitcoin botnet case, agreeing to pay the State of New Jersey a million dollars to make the case go away. That case of course, is the one where it illegally installed bitcoin mining software and spyware on its user’s …

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MegaHertz warez group has been stealing data

The modern illegal downloading scene is relatively care free compared to the days of yore. Back when software like Limewire and Kazaa dominated the landscape, it was easy and common to download something that wasn’t what you wanted and if you didn’t check that the file size and file type …

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UK shipping surveillance tech. to Iran, Egypt, Syria

Scanner Darkly

The UK government is being called out by a privacy charity, which is threatening legal action unless the MPs explain why they are shipping surveillance equipment and technology to repressive regimes in Iran, Egypt and Syria. Privacy International is the name of the group spearheading this campaign and it is …

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