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Chinese chipmaker SMIC enters STAR market

The Science and technology innovation board, part of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, has recently added Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) to the stock market. Currently, SMIC is expected to raise as much as $6.6 billion through this new endeavour, further funding China’s ambition to fabricate its own technology to lessen its …

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Kerbalnaut Scott Manley discusses alien potential at distant star

One of the more eye catching stories in the world of science in the past week involved one researcher’s suggestion that the dimming of a distant star known as KIC 8462852 in a strange pattern, could suggest giant “alien megastructures,” were orbiting it. The scientific study that prompted this idea didn’t …

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Star Trek flops into the Darkness at cinemas

Given that Star Trek films only come along once every several years, we would love to be able to report that JJ Abrams latest effort was an absolutely stunning piece of original cinema that will be remembered for generations to come. We’d love to. But we can’t. For KitGuru, the …

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