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Verizon isn’t buying Vodafone

Rumours surfaced yesterday, that Verizon, one of the US’ biggest telecoms firms, was set to team up with AT&T (another giant) to buy out Vodafone, to the tune of £161 billion. This sent Vodafone’s stock flying up, but it turns out that the rumours were false, as Verizon has now denied …

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EU wants to force telecoms firms to work together


If we’ve learned one thing from the way that our British telecoms companies handled the auction for the 4G spectrum, is that give and take isn’t a phrase they’re particularly fond of. The EU Commission is just as familiar with this practice and it’s keen to put a stop to …

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BT to roll out fibre to 1.2 million more homes


Telecoms provider BT has announced its intention to provide fibre optic broadband access to a further 1.2 million homes in the UK by the end of 2013. This will be achieved by upgrading another 99 exchanges in new areas, bringing 600,000 households online with the new tech, as well as …

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UK and US walk out on new UN telecoms treaty

Net Freedom

The British and United States governments have refused to sign a new UN treaty that they believed would give governments too much control over the internet. While this sounds like a very liberal stance to take, ultimately they want more of a open governing structure, where free enterprise also has …

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Talk Talk is the worst ISP, again

Talk Talk

Talk Talk has been crowned the king of horrible ISPs, after it was announced that it had received the most complaints about its services between Apil and June this year. For every 100,000 customers, it received 42 complaints for its broadband – comparative service Sky, received only 10. It wasn’t …

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