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New Title II regulations will be in the hands of the FCC tomorrow


FCC chairman Tom Wheeler will reveal his new net neutrality rules to the four other FCC commissioners tomorrow, but he has let us know pretty clearly what direction he is heading in and it’s looking like a big win for consumers. In an opinion article for Wired, he said that “[the] rules will ban paid prioritization, …

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FCC to vote on net neutrality on 26th February

FCC Tom Wheeler

Chairman Tom Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has confirmed during a CES speech, that the voting on the open Internet order will go ahead on the 26th of February. He also all but confirmed that internet service providers (ISPs) will be reclassified as common carriers under Title II provisions in the Communications Act. This would …

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FCC might reject Obama’s net neutrality proposal

Earlier this week President Obama announced his support for Net Neutrality, calling for the FCC to reclassify the Internet as a utility. Unfortunately, the FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, has other ideas and has indicated that he will be rejecting the proposal put forward by the president. According to The Washington …

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