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Skype, now with Spanish and English Babel fish

Skype announced several months ago that it would soon be rolling out it’s real time voice translation service for customers. Today it begins the first small step of that roll out, with users speaking Spanish and English now able to talk to each other over Skype voice or video chat …

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Microsoft translation tool is near instantaneous

Microsoft has been working on a translation tool that’s designed to work similarly to the human brain, offering near instantaneous translations while preserving the cadence and tone of the speaker. This would be a big leap over currently available translation tools which are often inaccurate, slow and don’t relate how …

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Docomo launches realtime voice translator

It’s the stuff of Star Trek. Japanese telecoms giant Docomo believes its ready to unleash an app that will translator English, Japanese and Korean in real time on phone calls. This is one of the most stunning announcements we’ve heard, in any language. KitGuru 聞くための準備. Companies like Dragon Speak have …

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