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Wikileaks drops 300,000 Turkish emails following purges

Wikileaks has managed to drop its near 300,000 Turkish parliamentary emails and documents, despite being hit with a sustained denial of service attack over the past few days. This comes in response to the purges taking place in Turkey following its recent coup attempt, which has seen thousands of political …

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Minecraft could be banned in Turkey

Last month it was reported that the Turkish ministry has begun investigating Minecraft, deeming it as potentially ‘too violent'. The results of the investigation have now been revealed and it turns out that the Turkish Social Policies Ministry does want Minecraft banned. Turkish sites, Hürriyet Daily News and LeaderGamer (Via …

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This is what Thanksgiving in Space looks like

While a lot of us British readers and writers may not be quite 100 per cent on what thanksgiving is all about, we do understand the concept of a party and any excuse to sit around eating good food with friends and family is good enough for us. However due …

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Turkish government wants to crack down on Twitter

We've talked about Turkey before. It's a hotbed of protest right now and its government isn't a big fan of that, or social networking. In a new move, the ruling party is now hoping to coerce Twitter to set up a facility in the country, so it can have more …

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Turkish citizens take to VPN to prevent government crackdown

It seemed clear from yesterday's rants by Turkish PM  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that he's not a big fan of the internet and specifically social networks. In the past, countries undergoing heavy civilian protests have attempted to crack down on internet usage because it helps protesters organise and get the word out …

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Turkish PM is not a Facebook fan

The prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has named social media as “the worst menace to society,” suggesting that it is a tool of liars, that is being utilised to bad mouth the government and support protests in the country. Protests have been taking place due to the proposed …

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