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Minecraft could be banned in Turkey

Last month it was reported that the Turkish ministry has begun investigating Minecraft, deeming it as potentially ‘too violent'. The results of the investigation have now been revealed and it turns out that the Turkish Social Policies Ministry does want Minecraft banned.

Turkish sites, Hürriyet Daily News and LeaderGamer (Via Kotaku), have reported that the Family and Social Policies Ministry is gunning for a Minecraft ban and the investigation has been forwarded on to the legal affairs department, along with instructions on how to put the ban in place.


Ultimately, the decision to ban Minecraft will be made by the courts. Apparently, the ministry is worried that children will confuse the real world with the virtual one and may even resort to torturing animals, without noticing that they could be inflicting pain. There are also concerns that Minecraft will cause ‘social isolation' and lead to cyber bullying.

Initially Turkey's investigation in to Minecraft was based around the idea of promoting violence towards women, despite the fact that most mobs in the game are in-fact genderless.

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KitGuru Says: Minecraft is popular with the younger crowd and it does have some combat mechanics, but the idea that the game actively promotes violent tendencies in children is hard to believe. It will be interesting to see how far this ban gets. What do you guys make of this? Is Minecraft bad for children?


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  1. Dale Peter Golder

    This ban is a load of crock…
    Look at GTA for example, you can shoot people, start fights, steal cars, what’s happened to GTA It’s still on the market, yet Minecraft gets banned and yet there alot more violence in other games.

    You can even turn Survival mode off and just do buildings… which most kids do….

  2. I have to admit, “social isolation” can make bullying easier to do, and distancing yourself from people makes it harder to sympathize. I’m not sure that Minecraft is the place to start, though. I really wish Americans were more concerned about community cohesion, and empathy (not politically concerned, cuz that doesn’t mean anything, but I mean culturally concerned, like teaching your kids)… I’m not sure we should emulate Turkey, though 😉

  3. They should actually ban beheading and stoning as a punishment. I really think this actively promotes violent behaviour in children AND grown ups.

  4. Ok how about stopping stoning, beheadings, death penalty for apostasy and other things within Islam before complaining about a harmless video game. Just wtf.

  5. Turkey isn’t an Islamic state, so what the fuck are you talking about?

  6. None of those are used in Turkey.. God damn it, do some research! Turkey isn’t even an Islamic state !

  7. Yes but they do still use barbaric practices in some rare cases. But for example so do America with one state still using a firing squad…

  8. The fact most of them worship it and still follow some of its backwards practices.

  9. Gary 'Gazza' Keen

    I guess they wanted to be the new Australia

  10. It’s still not an Islamic state. Got any proof of that ? I’ve never heard of anything like that going on in Turkey.

  11. Never said I was talking about turkey. Go act butthurt on a comment that actually attacks your beloved turkey thank you.

  12. I can understand the torture of animals because tbh children that play this game are pretty stupid, but I guess I have a huge soft spot for animals these days so theres a bit of bias there but just my opinion.

  13. The pronoun “they” in an article about Turkey implies that you’re talking about Turkey. Either learn to English or don’t make any online arguments before clarifying. Actually, do both.

    I also read your comment as an attack on punishments in Turkey.

  14. about time.. hell the “world” should do this.. But not just mine-crap but anything written in Java/java-script should be banned

  15. As much as Im not a fan of minecraft, Ive gotta say, this seems like senseless ridiculous censorship to me and yes I would consider rioting against this kind of thing. Just as I would have for net Neutrality had I lived in America.

  16. ‘They’ can refer to a lot more than just Turkey. It’s in the eye of the beholder. What I meant was the world as a global being, not just Turkey. They don’t even do that there in the first place. The joke is on you. Also, you’re obviously not worth my time ‘argueing’ with when you start responding with lame ad hominem argumentations. ‘Learn to English’. Got better things to do like staring at my ceiling while drinking a beer. Have a great night sheep. Try it again when you thought of a way to discuss the matter at hand in stead of the person.

  17. I’d be preferring a firing squad over being stoned any day. And then I don’t mean stoned by smoking weed. Also, when you get executed by a firing squad, you’ve done some terrible shit. Stoning on the other hand, simply requires you to cheat on your husband. Such a great state, beautiful don’t you think?

  18. You’re not very well learned in English, are you? And I don’t mean this in just an insulting manner.
    Is English not your primary language? Do you not understand how people use words and implication? If I were talking to my friends about, say, the American police, and I were to say,”I don’t think they should continue using physical violence to solve problems”. They would clearly think I was talking about the police, not just people in general, or the world.
    Also, it’s “arguing”.

  19. You’re talking absolute nonsense. Turkey does not practice Sharia Law. How about you do some research before painting everyone with the same brush – it just makes you look xenophobic.

  20. No they don’t, why are you talking about something you clearly have literally no idea about? Whilst most citizens are Muslims, they are very liberal with their practices e.g. come prayer time, you won’t see anyone pulling out a prayer mat or stopping their work.

  21. Problem is the president is trying to be a dictator. Youtube and news sites are often banned for containing material deemed offensive.

  22. You said “they”. How about you do some research before coming across as an ignorant racist?

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  24. Halosheep

    No, English is not my primary language. In fact, it is my third language. Even so, I don’t think a lack of grammar is the issue here. It is the difference in interpretation that’s bottlenecking at the moment. I’m sorry if I offended turkish people, but that was absolutely not what I meant. “they” was not meant in the context of the article either, but fitted in as a reply on kitguru’s comment, in which he explicitly talked about whether minecraft is bad for children or not. I simply responded with certain actions that are worse for children than minecraft. Which is ridiculous as it is.


    So what if I said “they”? I don’t mean Turkey in any way. And how about you learn some manners before coming across as an incompetent little twat?

  25. So you use the word ‘they’ in an article about turkey and yet don’t mean turkey? Or, you’re some insecure dumb child who made an ignorantly racist comment and is too pathetic to own up to your mistake, and instead resorts to insulting everyone else…How about you go and get an education and sort your life about before calling other people twats eh?

  26. First off, your grammar does not give you any more credit than mine does, in fact I think mine is better. So stop being a filthy hypocrite. Why you even compare an education to grammar is something I will never understand either. You really are incompetent are you? I’m not the one that started insulting, you were. I’m not being racist and I’m definitely not ignorant since I never meant Turkey in the first place. Second, we can conclude two things out of this. 1. I made an apparently incomplete or deceiving sentence, causing controversions in what I meant according to people. 2. You are a dick. Do you always start cursing and calling names when you are (mistakenly) over-protective of your own country? Don’t you have some beheading to do? 😉

  27. I never actually said Turkey practiced Sharia Law, I’m fully aware they do not. However with most ISIS wannabes travelling to Turkey over other countries to gain border access to Syria and a mostly religious population with an increasingly worrying political turn-away from secularism rising within the country, you’d be a fool to think the law isn’t enacted by some extremists privately.

    What I did imply, is that Turkey has a massive population of people who worship and respect Islam. There is far more injustices, death and suffering being caused in the world from backwards religious ideologies like that than there are from children playing a cartoony videogame for crying out loud – so perhaps they should get their priorities straight. The fact their government actually want to ban a game like Minecraft at all doesn’t exactly scream “forward thinking intelligent country” to me either.

    “Reforms going in the direction of secularism have been completed under Atatürk (abolition of the Caliphate, etc..).
    However, Turkey is not strictly a secular state:

    – there is no separation between religion and State
    – there is a tutelage of religion by the state”

  28. At least the games Australia want to ban/have banned and the reasons make a tiny bit of sense, even though I don’t personally agree with banning any videogame for any reason unless they actually depict or encourage rape or sexual activity with minors in a graphic, realistic and serious manner. Wanting to ban a game as harmless as Minecraft is just ****ing ludicrous.

  29. Oh act like a man with a spine and just admit you were wrong. Your comment clearly infered that you thought Turkey was some state like Saudi Arabia, or filled with Islamic nutters.

    No, you’re the fool to think it is used considering how the majority of the country still believes in the values of Ataturk and moving away from extreme Islamic views. Just because the President/dictator in charge has extremist views doesn’t mean the people agree with him and if you actually knew about the political setting in Turkey you’d realise there is a lot more to it than a simple wikipedia page can tell you. There will always be the odd nutter, but they will exist in every country in the world because shit can always find its way through the net cast by immigration officials.

    Stop trying to turn this into some conversation against religion – that’s completely off-topic. Next time you make a mistake, be a better person and admit it rather than woefully trying to cover your tracks.

  30. You can think yours is better, but it isn’t. Probably because you’re dumb as fuck, but I digress. You made a racist/xenophobic remark and are now childishly calling people names to cover up your fuck up. Grow up kid.

  31. “Your comment clearly infered that you thought Turkey was some state like Saudi Arabia, or filled with Islamic nutters.”

    Ignoooorraaaantttt! Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night – believe it or not I actually knew Turkey did not practice full Sharia law and I was under the impression they were one of the ones who practiced a watered down version. Of that, I was admittedly wrong but my point still stands there are bigger things to worry about in the world than this harmless game.

  32. Edit: **Mindless jibberish**

  33. I was trying to be nice, making a reference to your picture along with an SP joke and also offering you an admission that I was wrong about something.

  34. I’m not covering up anything, in fact im actually admitting my mistake, which you either ignored or just did not read, cause actually you’re the dumb one. Or you’re just being a fucking cunt to people right now, just because you can. Either way, quit your cancerous behaviour.

  35. Says the person who claimed Turkey was a state ran under Sharia Law.

  36. Sorry, just read your post again and realised you owned up to your mistake >_< And yeah, you are right there are much bigger things to worry about than games, sadly though the president is a controlling dictator, much like Putin, and is trying his hardest at social engineering….

  37. I never claimed that. In fact, I never even meant that. But you are too fucking stupid to wipe your own ass.

  38. Says the child who can’t even express his thoughts clearly in a sentence. Go chew on some crayons you retard.

  39. Fair play. In that case I take back my last comment.

  40. Dude what is your problem? You are just bashing now because you want to be an obnoxious douchebag most likely. I make one single mistake so I can’t express my thoughts clearly. English is my third language so mistakes are not uncommon.

    Seriously you have no further excuse to bash on me. I guess bashing needs to be fought with bashing when dealing with incompetent little kids. That, and I’m going to block communication now. Looks like you have nothing left but calling names to whatever I say or do. It’s fruitless. So I don’t think I will miss out on a lot when I’m blocking you.

    I hope you are not planning on having kids in the future? Please do not reproduce. You are everything that should not be passed on. Stupid, acting like a deranged fuckwit. I don’t even understand why your mom didn’t suffocate you with a pillow right when you left her womb. Have a fantastic mediocre life, bye.

  41. LOL I made a window-licking racist cry. My work here is done.

  42. That’s funny. I just read another post of you where you said “Sorry, just read your post again and realised you owned up to your mistake >_<". I'm not sure who the real racist is here. You sure are a bastard mate. **flies away**

  43. I made a mistake, but not over this elbow-biter – he’s 101% full retard.

  44. Don’t mind me butting in the conversation, but why is he? It’s basically the same situation as with the other guy except for the fact that this turned out into a full flame war for some reason. He seemed to have apologized a few times. Still you go on lols, why?

  45. Not this guy, he’s flat out denying the fact that he claimed Turkey is a state that exercises Sharia law. He’s little more than an ignorant racist.

  46. I’m not even Turkish, asswipe. Get your shit right.

  47. Then you don’t have a single incentive to be butthurt in the first place. Nice try.

  48. Sorry, did not catch the reply notification in time.

    Hmm but I don’t see him denying that anywhere. As a matter of fact he apologized like.. two times. That was the reason I butted in the conversation lol. Thought it wasn’t very fair compared to the other guy you apologized to. This guy here is only saying that he did not mean it like that.

  49. If you read his first comment and think he is sincere in saying he didn’t mean Turkey, you’re very gullible.

  50. Yeah I suppose a screw up in word usage is absolutely impossible here. Even if you think he is not sincere which we will probably never know since he regretfully blocked you, forgiving is better than flaming.

  51. No it’s not. If someone is a racist turd, like that guy, my moral duty is to flame him till he crawls back to the gutter he came from. Unless you think forgiveness is how slavery, racism and homophobia were eradicated.

  52. I still don’t think he’s a racist to be very honest with you. And homophobia is unfortunately still not eradicated, depending on your definition of eradicated that is. As an obvious homosexual in real life I’m getting called names at on a weekly basis, just for not being straight.