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Minecraft could be banned in Turkey

Last month it was reported that the Turkish ministry has begun investigating Minecraft, deeming it as potentially ‘too violent’. The results of the investigation have now been revealed and it turns out that the Turkish Social Policies Ministry does want Minecraft banned. Turkish sites, Hürriyet Daily News and LeaderGamer (Via …

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Silk Road drug marketplace reduced violence, claims study

Despite the efforts of the media and government officials to tout online drugs marketplaces as the new frontier in the “war on drugs,” fraught with hackers, scammers and other dangerous individuals, it looks like switching trading cash for drugs in a car park to doing so from the comfort of …

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Do violent video games really damage kids?

California is defending its ban on selling ultra violent video games to minors before the Supreme court today, but we ask ourselves, do violent games really affect kids or young adults? California will ask the justice department to exempt a type of violent content from the First Amendment’s protection of …

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