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Now Take Two wants a taste of the used game pie

Microsoft has made it quite clear that it's taking a pickaxe to the used game industry and it's mining a chunk of change from it before dismembering it over the next few years. At least that's the plan, but not everyone is keen to let the software giant have all …

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PS4 won’t block used games


Gamers the world over can breathe a sight of relief, as it has now been confirmed by Sony that the PlayStation 4, will not block used games – despite a patent filing seen earlier this year that suggested otherwise. The confirmation was made by Eurogamer while speaking with Sony Worldwide …

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EU ruling validates used game sales

Used Games Sales Ok

Regardless of the license agreement signed by the end user, the purchaser of software has the right to sell it on, an EU court as ruled. While this declaration was made with regards to software in general, by their very nature games are applicable. The ruling was made by the …

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