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American jails show pirated films to prisoners

As is often the case in this world – especially when it comes to piracy – rule makers and enforcers like to employ a “do as I say, not as I do,” kind of attitude. That’s no less obvious in the case of Richard Humphrey, who was sentenced to two …

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MegaHertz warez group has been stealing data

The modern illegal downloading scene is relatively care free compared to the days of yore. Back when software like Limewire and Kazaa dominated the landscape, it was easy and common to download something that wasn’t what you wanted and if you didn’t check that the file size and file type …

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Antiguan government to sell pirated movies, music


The government of Antigua is planning to launch a rather unique form of protest, by offering pirated movies, music and software for sale from a new website without paying anything to US copyright holders. The reasoning? The US won’t lift a blockade that prevents the country from offering internet gambling …

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