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German law responsible for Wii U watershed

ZombiU Block

Last week we reported on how Nintendo was restricting its Eshop in the EU, making it impossible for anyone to access information, purchase options or trailers of 18+ rated games, unless they visited between 11PM and 3AM. Now Nintendo has explained why and it’s because of a single German law. …

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Nintendo partners with HMV for Wii U UK launch

WiiU Launch

Nintendo has announced that when its new console, the Wii U, launches in the UK, it will be at a partnered HMV store on London’s Oxford Street. It will officially begin at 12am, but doors will actually open an hour before, with the first 100 people awarded a free game. …

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Wii U Europe dates and prices announced

Wii U

Having slated the release of the Wii U in its native Japan for the 8th of December just yesterday, Nintendo was expected to announce a closer-to-Christmas date for the rest of the world. However those fears have proved false, with Nintendo announcing today that its next-generation console would land in …

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