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Share your data secrets – Win a 165Hz AGON G-Sync Monitor!

We know you have tons of storage and we’d like to know more about your preferred set-up/kit. If you have a couple of minutes spare, please take part in the KitGuru Storage Survey – for a chance to win a fantastic AGON AG241QG monitor that boasts a 165Hz refresh rate, 2560×1440 resolution and nVidia G-Sync technology for silky smooth gaming. The survey will take no time at all and one luck reader will walk away with a screen worth almost £500!


We’re constantly being told by the big tech corporations, that the world divides into three camps. While we’re sure that KitGuru users consume content (camp one) and likes to share content  (camp two), we probably have more content creators (camp three) than almost any other site on the planet. You can’t all be investing in massively powerful, multi-core rigs just to play Minecraft… can you?  Whichever camp you’re in, there’s no doubt that you’ve been buying more and more storage every year – just to keep up.

This survey is simple, takes a couple of minutes, will result in a genuine winner and we won’t share your individual data with anyone… So please help us by clicking this link or the AGON G-Sync monitor image.

KitGuru Says: We really appreciate you taking the time to respond!  Standard terms apply in that the survey closes on 25th September 2017 and the winner will be announced on the following Friday. There are no alternative prizes and our Editor’s decision is final…  GOOD LUCK!

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  • tal666

    Hmm have to ask; is it worldwide (ww) ?
    ( I understand that not all can be, but….I hate it when you start off…
    but ending up finding up later on…)
    And, ofc. I will do it anyway; since I am a kind person 😉

  • oldhat

    Survey done, would also like to know if giveaway is global?

  • Billynolegs

    Did the survey, then I saw it asking for a facebook page at the end. Don’t have one, utterly despise FB and its ilk. So I guess not entering heh.

  • Gizfreak

    would be a welcome upgrade to my 1440p144Hz FREESYNC monitor now that I have a 1080Ti

  • Marvinn

    As much as I appreciate the chance to win this monitor, I have never seen such a half-arsed competition.
    You say standard terms apply, but there’s no such thing as “global standard” is there?
    Who can enter? Any country? Where do you ship? US? Europe? Do you ship it at all, or does winner have to collect it in person from some warehouse in Cambodia?
    You also ask for a very personal info without providing ANY form of Privacy Policy! I mean name, email, FB and PHONE NUMBER!?! Just like that? Are you kidding me? Also do I HAVE TO have FB profile to enter?

    Was this competition organised by an intern? Is this some kind of amateur hour?

  • Tomas

    The survey does not seem to work:
    Error 503 first byte timeout

    first byte timeout

    Guru Mediation:

    Details: cache-hhn1548-HHN 1505927473 4172295100

    Varnish cache server