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Storage Survey – Your chance to win a 165Hz AGON G-Sync screen!

KitGuru readers are storing more and more data every year. We really want to know which set up you have chosen, what kind of drives and your preferred configuration. The survey closes on 25th September – and shortly thereafter one lucky reader will be plugging in a 165Hz refresh AGON AG241QG G-Sync monitor worth close to £500.

To enter the survey, just click here or on the image below.

It will take you a couple of minutes and we really appreciate you taking that time to tell us how you store your valuable data.

KitGuru Says: We really appreciate you taking the time to respond!  Standard terms apply in that the survey closes on 25th September 2017 and the winner will be announced on the following Friday. There are no alternative prizes and our Editor’s decision is final…  GOOD LUCK!


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  • Tom Russell

    And you need facebook page, so nope!


    Error 503 first byte timeout

    … go clean up your backend 😛

  • Billy Dyson

    I could just about accept that you need the FB page as proof its a real person not a bot,etc. However you are having a laugh if you think you are getting my mobile number just to enter a competition.

  • matthew

    Looks like its back up

  • Gary Brooks

    same error ….

  • Gary Brooks

    Error 503 first byte timeout……


    I will roll with it after Kitguru assuring me they handle our data with utmost care …. i get one phonecall though, and addblocker goes back up for this site. Quid pro quo.

  • klaus popp

    Wow, great

  • Gizfreak

    would be a nice addition for my 1080 Ti, just got a FreeSync monitor because G-Sync is too expensive

  • LoriKSmith

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  • Jaime

    woldwide ?