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Decision made on AMD CEO – our Oracle speaks

“Beat the bushes to startle the snakes” is an age old maxim and, in the case of KitGuru’s earlier story about the possible merger of AMD with nVidia – we seem to have stirred up a response to the question, “Who will be AMD’s new CEO?”

While there is definite State-side talk of nVidia and AMD merging business interests, we’ve since had new information about the AMD CEO position.

How accurate are these rumours?   Well, here’s an idea of how close KitGuru tends to hit to the bullseye. On 11th May, we heard a strong rumour that Lenovo was in the market for a PC company with strong retail/channel presence. Looking at the problems experienced by Acer, we figured that this was a likely target. Almost 3 weeks later, on 2nd June, the BBC carried the story that Lenovo had purchased Medion.

Not bad.

When we say that the name of AMD’s next CEO is likely to be on this screen grab, then it’s said with the same level of confidence as the ‘Lenovo will acquire a major PC manufacturer’. We’re sure it’s true, but can’t be certain of the exact name.

So who will be the next CEO at AMD? Is the name here or do we need to scroll down. Maybe to the letter 'T' ?

Who would be the most interesting choices?   Well, Safra Catz is both female and Israeli – which could provide a cool contrast to AMD stakeholders like… the Abu Dhabi-backed Mubadala Development Company for example.

Hand on heart, we’re honestly not sure which Oracle-ite it will be, but we’re quite sure that it will be one of Ellison’s inner circle. Most experts we’ve spoken with agree that Dirk and Hector were not the strongest choices possible, let’s hope that AMD gets it right this time. More than anything, AMD’s next 10 years will be down to its relationships with the major manufacturers, like Dell, HP, Acer, Apple and – increasingly – Samsung.

Longer term, putting nVidia’s Tegra programme with Fusion, Bulldozer and GeForce would certainly create an organisation and portfolio capable of entering the Fortune 500…  but it doesn’t now look as though Jen Hsun would be the captain of the ship.

Spoke to this bird over at Delphi, she said AMD will fill the captain's chair from Oracle. Nice.

KitGuru says: We will keep our ears to the ground on the nVidia/AMD story – while watching out for a public announcement on AMD’s CEO. Of the 2 stories, the merger of the graphics titans would be, by far, the juiciest!  Going forward, with this kind of story, we will look at a KitGuru Likely-o-meter rating for you guys – so you can understand how much credence you should give what we’re hearing. In this case, it is set to 90%.

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