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Asus RoG Vulcan ANC Gaming Headset Review

Rating: 9.0.

Over the past couple of years we have seen a mass influx of brands into the gaming peripheral market, making things more competitive than ever.  The longer established brands like Razer and Logitech still win favour with many gamers but that might be about to change.

It seems that Asus is the latest company to enter the gaming peripherals market with their first gaming headset, the Vulcan ANC.

They have chosen to use the ‘Republic of Gamers’ brand for the headset that has been made popular by their motherboards and graphics cards.


  • Driver Dimension: Diameter 40mm
  • Impedance: 48 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 10 – 20 kHz
  • ANC (noise cancelling) Performance: Maximum > 15 dB, Effective Bandwidth > 600 Hz
  • PNC (noise isolation) Performance: Maximum > 15 dB
  • Battery Life: Up to 40 hours (with one AAA battery)
  • Product Dimensions: 8.1” x 7.7” (HxW)
  • Weight: 320g

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  • Hank

    That is a beautiful design, love the ROG colors on this ! It might end up closer to £120 going on UK VAT atm….

  • Iain

    Excellent. Not so sure about the price however, that seems way over the odds…

  • Assina

    They look good but is the price a mistake? Those cost more than even steelseries. Noise cancelling only costs 10 more generally.

  • Optionsrus

    Noise cancelling is a great feature to add but im surprised the build quality is mentioned. Thats not like asus

  • Peter henson

    What are they like through a quality cd player?

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  • jenev

    hello guys, i purchased Asus Vulcan model headset today, when i plug it in my onboard sound of Asrock Extreme 870 mobo, and started skyrim to check, sound quality is good but sound is less. system and head phone volume is max but the sound seems to be too low. Am i in a bottleneck of a pro gaming headset and a sound card. I need suggestions to get the max out of this headset, please help, dreams are shattering.
    1. Should i purchase a dedicated sound card, will Asus Xonar DS helps to amp my headset? or a DX?
    2. Or should i clean my ears 😛
    thanks in advance.

  • Hi there, you mean sound is lower? (less=lower?).

    The headset probably needs a stronger output level than the onboard audio is delivering. a dedicated sound card will probably help. What budget have you got?

  • jenev

    Yes the sound is lower, though volume settings are all maxed. I can afford a low end to mid range card, but need more sound.

  • Have you tried the asus xonar Essence STX or ST? those are quality products. Not sure of your budget, but well worth adding into a system if audio is important.

  • James


    Are these still the goto gaming headphones if your specifically looking for ANR (which I am) as I notice they have been out a couple of years now, any updated models or competition (again..relating comments specific to ANR)? – Thanks.