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Active Single-Link Display Port Adapters, ATI Eyefinity for the masses

As you know gaming on multiple monitors has been available for some time now thanks to ATI’s Eyefinity technology and now with NVIDIA offering their own 3D Surround solution the competition is heating up in this area.  One area where ATI has as an advantage is that the NVIDIA setups require the use of SLI in order to be able to use more then 2 monitors while ATI can do it with a single Eyefinity capable card.  ATI’s solution sadly requires the use of a Display Port connection for one of the monitors if you want to enable 3 or more monitors in a Display Group. Even today the availability of native Display Port monitors is not the best but it is finally improving thanks to some hard work between major display manufacturers and AMD.

The image above shows some of the monitors that are now available and offer a native Display Port connection. As we can see from the list many of the major OEM’s are getting into this discrete market. The most interesting of these monitors are being produced by Samsung and feature ultra thin bezels designed specifically for ATI Eyefinity setups. These monitors are being sold as a pre configured package of 3 or 6 displays depending on your needs.

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