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18w AMD Fusion ‘Zacate’ V Core i5 in Batman & City Of Heroes

A couple of days ago KitGuru reported from IDF showcasing the new upcoming AMD CPU architecture with integrated graphics. The new  APU chip, codenamed ‘Zacate’ looks to be a very exciting product with a low power requirement and a high level of performance.

Zacate is based on dual Bobcat CPU cores with Evergreen class Direct X 11 graphics support and with an extremely efficient power drain of only 18 watts under load it is certainly going to be incorporated into a plethora of solutions next year.

AMD Guru Chris Mikesell spent more time with us showcasing the Batman game running on Zacate hardware then comparing the exact same scene running on a Core i5 based laptop with integrated graphics. As you will see the experience was much faster and smoother on the AMD system.

Chris then showed us City Of Heroes in an open environment with some characters adding load to the hardware and once again the AMD Zacate APU was able to deliver double the frame rates when compared to the integrated Intel Core i5 HD solution. This is a clear indication that Zacate  is going to be the future king of low power mobile gaming.

Videos are available in HD over at our Youtube Channel page.

KitGuru says: Are you excited about Zacate? We are !

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