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Seasonic Christmas Giveaway winners announced!

The last of our big Christmas competitions just closed and today we announce the three lucky winners. This was a very popular competition and we had many thousands of entries over the last month.

Firstly – the correct answer to win a prize was c: 7 Years. Not that difficult!

First Prize was a Seasonic Platinum 1KW and the winner is

Dennis Viklund from Sweden. Check your email Dennis!

Second and Third Prize was a Seasonic Platinum 860W and the winners are

Matthew Hofbauer from the USA and Elaine Livingstone from the United Kingdom.

Fourth and Fifth Prize was a Seasonic Platinum 520W and the winners are

Alan Perez Vega from Spain and Thomas Polakovic from Slovakia.

10 other people each win a goodie bag and they are as follows

  1. Tony Houghton
  2. Christopher Macdonald
  3. Holly Boyd
  4. Sarah Lee
  5. Phil Timms
  6. Kieran McGee
  7. M. Ridho Yoga
  8. Diane Webb
  9. William Gould
  10. Sherin Mashud

All the winners have received a confirmation email and your details have been passed over to Seasonic, who will be shipping the prizes directly. Sorry to the many thousands of people who didn't win this one !

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