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The Anki Cozmo – the £200 AI Robot you will love!

Rating: 9.0.

Cozmo by Anki is a supercomputer on wheels. A unique robot whose core is filled to the brim with addictive games, tricks, plots & plans with the ability to learn from his actions and surroundings. This AI-driven droid takes a bold leap towards blurring the line between human and machine, using his expansive personality to truly keep you entertained.

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Package Contents:

1* Cozmo robot
1* Charger dock
3* Interactive cubes
Cozmo app is required. Available on iOS, Android and Fire OS
Product Packaging inc. accessories: 18.5 x 21 x 13.5cm, 1.4kg
Includes a 1 year limited warranty

Product highlights:

  • Three built in games (Quick Tap, Keepaway and Memory Match).
  • Tricks and songs that are unlocked through playing with Cozmo.
  • Loudspeaker for sound effects and speech.
  • 128 x 64 display for emotions, text, images etc.
  • Programmable with in-app code blocks or advanced Python-based SDK.
  • Approx 90 minutes playtime / 30 minutes charge cycle (depending on USB supply).
  • Interactive cubes can have batteries replaced.


  • AI actively explores and evolves based on environment and interaction.
  • Expansive range of emotions with the ability to recognise human expressions.
  • Isolated WiFi network means that audio/video is kept between you and Cozmo.
  • Adorable.


  • No microphone for voice recognition (Possible with SDK, see Dev Forum on Anki website).
  • Limited battery life if playing extensively.
  • Fragile near the edge of tables, especially those without straight edges.
  • Lack of waterproofing and awkward surfaces (deep carpet, sand etc) cause traction trouble.

KitGuru says: The Anki Cozmo is a great gadget for those interested in AI and programming, for ever evolving fun and companionship that is second to none.

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Rating: 9.0.

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