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Apple aims to have the best employee health care by opening its own clinics

Operating under the name “AC Wellness” Apple is launching its own medical clinics with the aim to give its employees some of the “world’s best health care.” Two state-of-the-art medical centres are already well under way, with many more planned across the United States.

The information came to light when Apple quietly published a recruitment website for the venture, seeking the skills of doctors and nurses, as well as a plebotomist, an exercise coach, “care navigator” and lab test personnel.

Santa Clara is the chosen location of the first two clinics, which have been described as “stunning state-of-the-art medical centers” on the website. One will be housed within Apple Park headquarters while the other will be due north of it. It seems that the project is already well under way, as CNBC reports that AC Wellness has already recruited a number of former Stanford Health Care employees.

The clinics aim to offer “offer a unique concierge-like healthcare experience for employees and their dependents,” with AC Wellness acting as an “independent medical practice dedicated to delivering compassionate, effective healthcare,” separating it a little from its parent company.

Apple already does its 120,000 employees well by spending more per employee on healthcare than that of its competitors. This initiative will likely save Apple millions as costs are shifted from third party healthcare services to an in-house system.

KitGuru Says: Considering the company had only dabbled in its healthcare venture in the past, incorporating features such as a heart rate monitor and activity tracker within its Apple Watch, this is a huge leap. It has the money to try it out, however, and this might result in Apple breaching into a more commercial healthcare offering in the future.

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