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Leaked footage shows off Amazon’s upcoming MMO, New World

Amazon revealed that it would be venturing into the massive-multiplayer online (MMO) genre in 2016, being one of the first games under its Amazon Game Studios banner. Leaked footage has now given us our first look at what to expect from New World, including a breakdown of its core systems.

Originally leaked on adult website, PornHub, the footage eventually made its way to the relatively family friendly YouTube thanks to Less Than Epic. While the game is still in Early Access and in need of both refining, the video indicates a more action-based feel to the combat and crafting than your typical MMO. Of course, the user interface still houses room for numbered abilities running across the bottom.

The way in which the player is tasked to gather resources and craft is akin to the modern trend of survival games, creating a clear path of progression through loot. Levelling seems to boost passive attributes such as damage, calling into question whether there will be different paths to take – often a signature feature of MMO titles.

Thanks to a closer look at the map nearer the end of the footage, it looks as though New World will feature at least five different terrains between Forest, Grassland, Highlands, Marsh, and Shrubland. It isn’t clear, however, as to what scale this map is to the player, or if this is representative of the entire playable area.

New World has many more features that didn’t appear in the leak, perhaps given that the footage looks to take place at the beginning of the game. Base building is expected to make a significant impact, as Amazon has stated that it wants a significant portion of New World to be crafted by the player. Companies, which work similar to guilds and factions in other titles, are much more flexible than other games, providing tension to the ever-fluctuating in-game universe as allegiances grow and dwindle.

Currently, Amazon has not yet openly revealed a release date for New World, but it looks to be shaping up smoothly from what we can see. Hopefully it manages to make a splash in an already-oversaturated market.

KitGuru Says: Personally, the smoother combat already has me interested as I often find myself frustrated at the sluggish melee fighting other titles sport. All in all, however, it depends on the progression system and whether or not Amazon manage to pull off the outlandish claim of 10,000 players per server. Do you like the look of New World?

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