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Leo Says Ep 22: Nvidia Turing delayed, Intel DGPU, Nvidia bitten on A$$? 32 & 24-core Threadripper 2

In this week's episode of Leo Says, there is plenty to discuss. Our opinionated hero touches on the rumours surrounding Nvidia delaying its new Turing-based GPUs, the upcoming Threadripper 2 processors and their model codes, as well as the drama surrounding Brian Krzanich resigning as CEO of Intel. For the full low-down, be sure to watch the episode below.

Watch via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE

00:18 Nvidia delays next gen Turing graphics
01:46 Intel to discuss die stacked DGPU
04:25 Nvidia bitten in the a$$?
07:00 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Threadrippers, model codes seem to be 2990X for 32-core and 2970X for 24-core
07:40 Is backwards compatibility as good as we hope?
12:11 SD Association announces SDUC card format, up to 128TB capacity and SD Express incorporating a PCI Express 3.0 interface with NVMe v1.3 protocol with transfer speeds up to 985MB/second.
15:43 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigned. Why now? Surely not because of Intel’s recent successes.
18:57 Did Sony PS5 finish Raja at AMD?

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