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KitGuru Reader Awards 2016

We launched KitGuru in May 2010 to provide enthusiasts with a new level of in-depth review, complete with pro-class product images and expert analysis, to help support your buying decisions. All year through, KitGuru Labs does independent testing and provides expert analysis, but once a year we put aside our own testing and ask you, the reader, which products are best.

Welcome to the KitGuru Reader Awards 2016! 


The process starts today, with your nominations for each category. The most popular responses will form the main survey and the winners – as determined by you – will be announced on 21st November. Manufacturers will be limited to one nominee per category, to help encourage diversity. You can nominate your favourite products here.

Important dates for the selection are:

  • 10th Oct to 18th Oct: Reader Nominations
  • 24th Oct to 13th Nov: Voting
  • 21st November: Winners Announced

KitGuru says: We encourage you to share your opinions with us, KitGuru really wants to know which products YOU believe are the best in the market!

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