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KitGuru Editorial Awards 2022 – Winners Announced!

KitGuru has been testing the latest PC hardware, writing independent reviews and offering expert buying advice for more than 12 years. In 2022, an average of more than 2.5 million readers will come to our web site every month, looking for the information they need to help them make the best purchase for their needs. Alongside visitors to our main site, over 400,000 of you follow us across the various social media platforms and around 150,000 are subscribed to our YouTube channel. We've now published more than 40,000 articles, based on the results of well over 100,000 tests.

Once a year, we ask our team to use the vast experience that they have accumulated, in order to pick out the products they believe have been the best this year. Today we reveal the winners of the KitGuru Editorial Awards 2022!

It's worth bearing in mind that our team includes specialists who have run graphics for a national newspaper and aeronautical engineers who have worked in the Rolls Royce engine team. As well as that real-world grounding, they have also dedicated years of their lives to investigating, evaluating and understanding leading edge hardware. They arrive at their conclusions through extensive testing that is always methodical, scientific and completely impartial. Why is that so important? Because we want to provide you – our reader – with the very best buying advice possible.

It's worth noting that the huge price disparity you can see with some product categories means that, occasionally, the best choice might not be the very latest product released. While processing power is attractive, we always have one eye on value. Our categories range from CPUs to GPUs, from motherboards to memory. You can click on the image to check pricing and availability.






































KitGuru says: Whatever product you're thinking about buying right now, you're going to want to update your shortlist with the winners on this list.

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