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While Henry Butt prepares his master-report on the glorious overclocking goings-on from the inaugural MASTERS OF OVERCLOCKING finals, we stick a digital SLR behind the scenes to bring you a little more background on the event itself.

While the main focus of the MASTERS OF OVERCLOCKING event was to see which team could take its Intel Extreme platform system to the max, there was plenty of fun to be had during the day.

Asus was, without doubt, the host with the most when it came to the food and drink department. We’re not sure just how many starving people Asus was expecting, but Dr Atkins must be spinning in his grave.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the ASUS: Masters of Overclocking Finals took place in Carb City

Overclocking involves the use of a serious amount of heat, which can make you thirsty. No problem for the KitGuru finals.

If you love wrapping your lips around a big red Coke, then you're in the right place. Same if you're the mis-understood type.

Every company has its mascot and some are far more memorable than others. With Kingston, it’s the Easter Island style heads that let you know who’s been supplying the memory chips (in DDR3 and SSD formats).

Kingston's promotional team can be counted on to give you a soft red head when you ask for materials

While most people have had a dabble, taking a prize in the ASUS: Masters of Overclocking Finals in Association with KitGuru means you need to have some serious engineering skills. On many occasions we managed to snap a craftsman with his trusty tool in hand.

In the heat of serious competition, even the most hardened of overclocker can still need a tight screw.

Super competition with super teams and super prizes, but what about Team Asus? They have all put a lot of work into running this tournament with KitGuru – so surely they deserve a little refuelling of their own.

Happy with the way his brain child has been professionally delivered, Asus Marketing Guru Miodrag Relic downs a Danish

So there we have it. KitGuru has successfully delivered the world’s first ASUS: Masters of Overclocking Finals and the complete match report will be with you tomorrow. Big thanks to all of the KitGuru readers, from up and down the country, who posted in their CPU-Z scores for the chance to win a place in ‘The Bunker’ today. To put a smile on your face before we say goodbye, here’s the KitGuru Ladies throwing some shapes in the Spring sunshine.

KitGuru says: Overclocking was once a solo sport – practised alone in dark bedrooms. It’s now made its way onto the global stage and its exponents should be congratulated and applauded for their skill and dedication.

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