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TT eSPORTS Shock Spin HD Gaming Headset Review

The Shock Spin HD is a very comfortable headset to wear as a result of two important factors.  Firstly, the headset is very lightweight, meaning you can barely feel it on your head.  Secondly, it features a very similar kind of headband to the SteelSeries Siberia V2 which is self adjusting and spreads the weight of the headset very evenly across the head.

Thermaltake have chosen to use cloth earpads which make the headset comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  We do feel however that the leatherette earpads of the SteelSeries Siberia V2 are more comfortable to use for general usage.

The inclusion of a separate USB sound card rather than a built in one makes the Shock Spin HD very flexible as you can use it with all devices that use a 3.5 mm connection but you can still benefit from 7.1 virtual surround sound when using the headset with your PC for gaming or movie playback.

We found that the headset was well suited to music playback both when using a PC and MP3 player.  We achieved the best results using the external USB sound card as the volume was much more impressive and the included sound panel let us configure the sound levels for different types of music.

While virtual surround sound doesn’t create the same experience as a dedicated surround sound, it does enhance the sound panning ability of the headset.  We noticed a slight improvement in the overall experience when gaming and when watching movies.  The sound balance is also well suited to gaming, with explosions and gunshots being prominent, but not overexposed.

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