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Plantronics GameCom Commander Gaming Headset Review


Weighing around 357g (without cables attached) and measuring over 21cm from top to bottom, Plantronics’ GameCom Commander is an undoubtedly large headset. There is no denying that there are more attractive headsets on the market, but Plantronics is gunning for a rugged approach rather than pleasing aesthetics.

A pair of metal prongs connects each of the thick ear cups to the fairly sturdy headband.


The 21cm-long, flexible-boom microphone can rotate about the left ear cup by a total of around 280 degrees. Users can adjust the microphone to sit approximately 45 degrees below the horizontal (about half way between four and five on a clock scale) when in front of their face. Surprisingly, the microphone actually has a greater degree of adjustment behind one’s head.

I see no reason why a gamer would want the flexibility of allowing the microphone to touch their neck, rather than be positioned exactly where it is required in the vicinity of their mouth. Plantronics should have given the microphone greater room for adjustment in front of one’s face, rather than behind it.


Plantronics puts its GameCom branding onto the headset’s ‘adjustable identity band’ which is comprised of two simple pieces of material held together by Velcro. Another piece of branding is found on the top side of the headset’s foam-padded headband.


Plantronics uses proprietary QuickDisconnect adapters that allow users to rapidly switch between their gaming PC and smartphone. We think that this is a good idea for a versatile headset; users don’t have to fuss about with different cable locations or removing adapters, instead they can simply clip the desired connector into position.


A large volume wheel and mute slider are located on the in-line control. The use of a volume wheel is preferable to a set of +/- buttons (in my opinion), and the mute toggle is always useful. Size seems to be a point with the in-line volume control; the plastic structure itself seems needlessly oversized.

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