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Sony announces PS5 Slim with 2023 release date

While previous rumours had indicated that a redesigned PS5 would be announced this year with a slimmer chassis, the lack of announcement over the summer led us to believe that perhaps this new console would slip into 2024. That is not the case, as Sony has, seemingly randomly, unveiled the new PS5 today. 

While not officially called the PS5 Slim, this system is indeed a slimmer PS5. Just as leaked earlier in the year, this redesign does have new slits on the side of the case and the disc drive is detachable. This allows customers to save money initially by picking up the PS5 Digital Edition, and then adding on the disc drive later down the line if needed.

The disc drive attachment will cost $79.99 in the US and £99.99 here in the UK. Additionally, the console will have 1TB of storage in both the disc-drive and Digital versions.

The new PS5 launches this holiday season, priced at £479.99 for the disc drive version and £389.99 for the Digital Edition.

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KitGuru Says: The new, slimmer PS5 has arrived, complete with detachable disc drive, marking the end to an on-going series of leaks and rumours. 

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