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Buffalo TeraStation Pro 8 Bay Review

Buffalo include an optical disc with software – this includes the NAS Navigator 2 which works in a similar fashion to the Synology Assistant.

The Buffalo assistant software leads the user through a series of instructions shown above.

Installation takes a couple of minutes although we don’t really see a need for the plethora of individual panels.

After the initial install is completed the assistant offers to install other applications, if needed.

Sadly the NAS Navigator refused to find the TeraStation Pro 8 Bay unit across our network. We tried the old fashioned way, locating the IP address manually via our network router.

As we had both Gigabit LAN cables connected we found that the system was configured over two IP’s. and We loaded Firefox and tried to access the TeraStation directly.

The user is prompted with a default login and password. These are ‘admin’ and ‘password’.

The software checked automatically online for a new firmware release and returned a positive update. We attempted to update this via the NAS system directly.

This screen held for a long time, and we reckoned it might just be a slow download – after all the file is 369 MB. Even with our 100MB internet connection after 45 minutes it seemed to have failed. We attempted to download the update manually to a computer and then upload directly to the NAS system.

The update file is an EXE, which autoloads the Nas Navigator 2.0 software. This failed to find the TeraStation Pro 8 Bay NAS on our network, so we couldn’t update the firmware – even though we were able to access the TeraStation from our computer browser. After many hours of disabling network devices, firewalls and antivirus software, we gave up. Quite disappointing.

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