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Buffalo TeraStation Pro 8 Bay Review

We are testing the Buffalo TeraStation Pro 8 Bay within our gigabit network which is pretty much as good as you will get for a home or small office environment. It is a mixed network with several 1GBit switches for ultimate performance.

We switch the Raid configuration to ‘0’ across multiple drives to keep the testing across platforms as closely matched as possible.

We rerun the test 10 times and take an average for the final result.

Performance is excellent averaging around 100 MB/s read and almost 50 MB/s write.

Next we created a folder of files, 500mb/s in size with a variety of data , from small database documents to larger jpgs and bmps.

We have no complaints overall with the performance results, averaging 70 MB/s read and 43 MB/s write in the mixed file tests.

We tested the system in Raid 6 format, as it was supplied. We copied a 4.36GB file to and from the Buffalo TeraStation Pro 8 Bay NAS in Windows (computer system had a 240GB SF2281 Solid State drive installed).

Raid 6 performance is very strong, averaging around 92-94 MB/s read and 44-47MB/s read.

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