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Leo Says 13 – Nvidia Xp Star Wars Bargain! Mining? Bleh! Adyen? Windows 10 beats 7, Raven Ridge and MORE!

Leo is back with a bang, plenty of topics this week from Amazon, Apple and Google Profits, to AMD’s upcoming Raven Ridge. And Nvidia’s TitanXp Star Wars Edition – is it looking like a bargain in today’s market? Surely thats not even possible ? Leo tells it like he sees it. Boy he doesn’t like miners either.

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00:17 CES was about Spectre and Meltdown
00:46 AMD Raven Ridge launches soon
01:27 KitGuru review of Samsung 860 PRO and EVO SSDs
03:15 Apple HomePod
04:41 Intel – Spectre-proof designs are due this year
06:42 Samsung passes Intel to become the world’s largest chip manufacturer
07:17 The installed base of Windows 10 has just passed Windows 7.
07:51 Ebay is ditching PayPal in favour of Dutch start-up Adyen
08:58 Bitcoin down to £5800/US$8250
09:48 Apple posts highest ever quarterly revenue of US$88.3 billion
10:41 Amazon revenue for the past year was US$177.9B, up 31 percent.
11:21 Alphabet (Google) quarterly revenue up to US$32.3 billion
12:30 Nvidia announced stellar quarterly results of US$1.72 billion against predictions of US$1.29 billion.
13:25 Nvidia TitanXp Star Wars Edition Good value!?
14:08 AMD Matisse, Picasso and Starship

KitGuru says: Be sure to let us know your thoughts and if you agree (or disagree) with LEO. Love him, or hate him- he says it, cause he means it!

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