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AMD launch low-power Ryzen 3 2200GE and Ryzen 5 2400GE APUs

AMD has bolstered its line of APUs, equipping the brand new Ryzen 3 2200GE and Ryzen 5 2400GE chips with Vega graphics technology. While the new processors don’t offer much more in terms of raw performance, the focus this time around is power efficiency as both offer nearly half the thermal design power (TDP) of their predecessors.

Following on from the Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G, AMD’s confusingly titled Ryzen 3 2200GE and Ryzen 5 2400GE processors reduce the TDP from 65W down to just 35W. This comes at the sacrifice of clockspeed, which is slightly lower than their predecessors while retaining the same number of cores and threads.

The reason for this sacrifice is power efficiency. Although AMD is currently marketing both APUs as desktop solutions, inevitably the technology will be implemented into laptops and other portable devices, where it’s best suited to help reduce the drain on battery life.

Neither APU is built with highly demanding tasks in mind, however, it’s expected that the graphics-infused processors will be included in small form factor PCs, enabling users to complete their day-to-day work without the need for a dedicated graphics card. This applies to some games, although settings will vary with regards to performance.

Release date and pricing have yet to be confirmed, but AMD’s GE chips are expected just above £100 when they hit shelves. Elsewhere, AMD has its 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs out on the market including the highly impressive Ryzen 5 2600X and Ryzen 7 2700X.

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KitGuru Says: It will be interesting to see how it affects the portable market when integrated into laptops, as allowing for longer commutes is particularly appealing to me. I’d also be interested to see if AMD can trim its higher-end offerings down, however they are built for power first and foremost. What do you think of the new GE chips?

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