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Chrome Edge’s out Microsoft’s own browser during presentation

While it’s becoming increasingly unheard of for a live presentation to go off without a hitch, Microsoft’s most recent blunder is a rather confusing and entertaining one. Taking to the stage to promote its Azure cloud service, the company representative had to stop the presentation part way through to download a rival browser, as Microsoft’s Edge just wouldn’t stop crashing.

When attempting to showcase the ease of migrating data using Microsoft’s Azure service, the company’s very own browser, Edge, just wouldn’t play ball. Stuck on a loading screen, the venue was met with an awkward silence and hushed whispers of Michael admitting that he forgot something.

Keeping the audience engaged in the presentation, Michael utters in a comical, yet exasperated tone, “I always love it when demos break.” Of course, the representative had to keep the presentation running and there was only one way he knew how. “So while we're talking here, I'm just going to install Chrome,” he says under a nervous chuckle before the audience breaks out into laughter and even applause.

The incident would, in fact, all be swept under the rug if Microsoft hadn’t gone and uploaded the footage of the mistake itself for all to see. And to Google’s YouTube, no less. The date on the video states that it was actually published last month, and yet has only gained public attention now due to the story exploding on Reddit.

To be fair to the representative, Michael did present some refreshing honesty, stating that “Edge on [those] machines is locked a little bit and there’s just some things that don’t work.” And to avoid getting in trouble with Microsoft bosses, he did make sure not to “help make Google better.”

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KitGuru Says: I had high hopes for edge, but Microsoft is still way behind with its browser in comparison to competitors. With Firefox Quantum around the corner, I can’t see it catching up any time soon. What browser do you use? What do you think of Microsoft having to download Chrome mid-presentation.

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