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Gigabyte’s Project Stealth DIY PC includes an RTX 3070 with hidden power connectors

Gigabyte has partnered with Maingear to create the new Project Stealth PC assembly kit, including a motherboard, graphics card, and case exclusive to this bundle. However, these are not like other Gigabyte components available at retailers, as they were designed to reduce cable clutter and simplify the installation process.

Most motherboards have their connectors facing forward, leaving your cables hanging in the middle of the case. However, with the Aorus Z690 Elite Stealth motherboard included in this bundle, Gigabyte decided to shake things up by moving these same connectors to the back of the board, allowing you to hide them behind the tray.

Besides the motherboard, Gigabyte is also adding a Gigabyte RTX 3070 Gaming OC Stealth graphics card. Unlike the standard Gaming model, this one has its PCIe power connectors on the bottom, facing the right-side panel of the case when mounted horizontally.

The last piece is the C300G Stealth case, featuring custom cut-outs to match the power connector layouts of both the motherboard and the graphics card. As part of the partnership, Maingear is announcing the Stealth Gaming PC, which uses the Project Stealth kit.

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KitGuru says: What do you all think of Gigabyte's ‘Stealth' components? Would you like to hide all of your power connectors behind the motherboard? 

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