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Modder turns portable Gamecube concept into a real console

Fifteen years ago, pictures of a fake portable Gamecube were floating around the Internet. Much like the Gameboy Advance SP, the renders showed a hand-sized, laptop-like console that seemed too good to be true for that era. However, that concept design is now possible with today's technology, so a modder decided to build it for real.

The console was made by GingerOfOz, who claims that the modded Gamecube can play the complete library of games launched to the console. However, that's not because there's a Gamecube inside. Instead, the modder used a Wii, which features backwards compatibility with all Gamecube titles.

Why go with the Wii instead of Gamecube hardware? Well the Wii was more power efficient and easier to tinker with without any special equipment. Due to the lower TDP of the Wii, there is also less need for additional cooling, making it easier to convert into a handheld.

Unfortunately, while the original concept design did have a disc drive, this was not included in the mod, as it would significantly increase the system's size. However, there is still a fake disc slot on the front of the chassis to maintain accuracy to the original design.

KitGuru says: What do you think about the portable Gamecube's design? Would you have bought this if it was an actual console 15 years ago?

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