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Thermaltake’s latest smart desk lets you adjust height and RGB lighting from your phone

Thermaltake's new smart gaming desk, the Toughdesk 350, has various features to give users a customised and flexible experience. Some of these include anti-collision safety sensors and upgraded dual electric motors, which enhance the safety and stability of the desk's lifting process, and the TT Smart Control Unit, which allows users to control the desk via their phone or PC via WiFi.

The built-in controller lets you control the desk's height. However, you can also do it via the RGB Desk Mobile App and the iTake Engine Software,  which allow users to adjust the desk height and RGB lighting through their mobile devices or PC. Additionally, the app can track your usage habits to adjust the desk height based on your schedule automatically.

Users can set the desk height from 70cm to 110cm or quickly switch between four presets  (70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm). The desk is installed with anti-collision safety sensors to automatically detect obstacles while elevating the desk, ensuring safe and stable usage. To lift it, there's a pair of electric motors that make the process easier, automatic and quiet. The smart gaming desk also has a steel-built frame that efficiently prevents vibration during height adjustments to support the desk's stability and comfort.

The desk has an extra-large desktop and a max load of up to 150kg (330lb). The desk also offers a solution for cable management so users can organise the wires in the groove under the desk for a clutter-free workspace.

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