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Boston Dynamics’ wheeled robot shows the revolution may not be bipedal

Boston Dynamics has for years been helping us towards the eventual robot revolution that will see us turned into slaves, or batteries – whatever our new magnanimous overlords decide. But its bipedal, walking robots aren't the only kind we'll have to bow to in the centuries to come. Boston's latest creation is Handle, a wheeled robot that's fast and very, very capable.

Handle was originally shown off in a leaked Keynote video earlier this month, but with poor quality and far from the full clip, we didn't get that good a look at the robot's capabilities. It's safe to say though, that Handle is one of Boston Dynamics' most impressive creation's yet and considering it built both Big Dog and Atlas, that's saying something.

Boston Dynamics' Handle is a two-wheeled robot with self-righting mechanisms and a pair of support arms, which makes it look like a really, really good Swegway rider. Each wheel can operate independently, helping Handle make it over rough terrain like stairs, hills and in different weather types. It can jump over obstacles too, land gracefully and carry up to 100lbs with ease.

Likely set more for warehouse work than enslaving mankind, Handle is an incredibly impressive design that shows we are edging ever closer to a world where robotics can play a real part in our everyday lives.

Before they inevitably rise up, of course.

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KitGuru Says: I always get excited when Boston Dynamics releases a new video. It's really like looking into the future. In this case, the future of extreme robot sports. Calling it now, Handle Pro Skater 5 coming to a store near you.

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