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First gameplay footage of Ark Park shows Jurassic World roots, dino interaction

The first in-game footage of Snail Games' Ark Park, the educational dinosaur VR title that makes use of ARK: Survival Evolved assets, shows just how detailed and interactive the safari park can be. Players start out in a holographic visitor centre reminiscent of Jurassic World, before heading off into the jungle to explore.

Ark Park is an interesting game development project, as it takes the island, dinosaurs and various other assets from ARK: Survival Evolved, ditches the survival mechanics, the fear of death and the craftable weapons to create something that's much more passive. Players can learn about dinosaurs in first person virtual reality, and see them out in the wild, interacting with one another as they might have many millions of years ago.

In this first in-game showcase we can see just how truly beautiful the word Snail Games is building is and how deeply interactive the VR experience can be. Players can brush aside plans and foliage to explore various environments, feed dinosaurs or throw rocks in their direction to see how they react and can explore on foot or in various vehicles.

There's a wide range of dinosaurs to watch out for, but they should all leave the player alone, so there's no fear of being chomped on by a hungry T-Rex. That said, PCGamer tells us that there will be the option to go hunting for certain dinosaurs, as well as crafting certain survival equipment, though that will be for more advanced players and is not the core what Ark Park is about.

Regardless of which game mode you pick though, Ark Park lets you play it with friends, as along with the single player experience, there will also be multiplayer for all game modes and features.

Ark Park is slated to release later this year on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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KitGuru Says: This, for me at least, feels like it could be the first killer VR app. I don't know about you guys, but I've been waiting for something like this since watching the original Jurassic Park as a kid, so I could not be more excited for Ark Park.

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