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Patriot Gauntlet Node Portable Wireless 2.5″ HDD Enclosure Review

Downloading the 6.32 MB ‘Gauntlet Connect’ app from the Google Play store allows users to gain easy access to the Gauntlet Node using an Android device.

Patriot states an Android 2.3 or above device as mandatory; everything worked fine with our Android 2.2 HTC Legend and Archos 70 as well as a Samsung Galaxy SIII sporting Android version 4.1.

iOS users are able to download the Gauntlet Connect app from the App Store. Its function will be very similar to that of the Android variant.

The first thing that we noticed about the Gauntlet Connect app was its similarity to older versions of the Astro File Manager app. This isn’t a bad thing as the user interface is simple yet effective.

Users can access the files being streamed by the Gauntlet Node by maneuvering to the ‘WiFi Drive’ section. An added bonus is the app’s ability to browse folders on your device’s internal storage, rendering other file browsing apps needless.

Files can be downloaded directly to your device by pressing the ‘control’ button before selecting the media that you wish to download. The transfer process was fast and efficient when downloading photos, although larger files such as videos and music albums will take longer.

A list of settings that is all but identical to the one available via the PC version’s Gauntlet Connect interface is accessible via the Android app. Information such as the disk allocation can be viewed and the slideshow settings can also be changed.

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