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Patriot Gauntlet Node Portable Wireless 2.5″ HDD Enclosure Review

Patriot has produced a conveniently-designed and easily-usable portable wireless HDD enclosure with the Gauntlet Node.

Streaming a variety of media files from HD MKV movies to loading 14 Megapixel JPG photos and Word-formatted DOCX files was easily handled by the Gauntlet Node. We didn’t encounter any problems with three different Android devices or a pair of Windows 7 PCs – the original file quality and format was preserved throughout.

Using the Gauntlet Node with a Windows computer was very simple. Once the computer is connected to the device and has accessed the relevant network folder, the process is no different to using the standard Windows interface.

Patriot has designed an effective and easy to use Android app in Gauntlet Connect. We have no complaints about the settings and configuration access that is provided – we couldn’t really ask for any more tinkering opportunities. Accessing and downloading files was a simple and fast procedure. The added bonus of the Gauntlet Connect app being able to work as an internal file browser for your Android device is a very convenient trait.

Battery life of the Gauntlet Node is very good, providing plenty of time to finish an entire movie or documentary. When traveling for extended periods of time, the compact form factor of the Gauntlet Node makes it a hassle-free method of accessing videos, music, photos and documents through your portable, WiFi-capable devices.

The streaming range of Patriot’s wireless enclosure is acceptable. Don’t expect the signal to pass through brick or even plasterboard walls without attenuating, but stay in the same room and you won’t encounter any issues. An easy method of overcoming any connection-related problems would be to move the Gauntlet Node to a more desirable location when required. Being a portable device, it isn’t confined to the same connection-restricting area.

While Patriot’s quick start guide may show a clear preference towards NTFS drive formatting, we didn’t have any problems using our HDD’s FAT32 partition. We can also confirm that the Gauntlet Node is able to offer support for drives with multiple partitions of different formatting, as proven by our use of a pair of NTFS partitions accompanied by a single FAT32 partner.

We do have a slight niggle with the Gauntlet Node’s design. The power button is located in a small channel that makes it very awkward to push for users with large or even medium-sized fingers. We understand that this design is used to avoid accidental powering-off of the device when on the move, but a large button with simple locking system would have worked better.

At £79.99 from Overclockers and backed by a 2 year warranty, the Patriot Gauntlet Node represents good value for a wireless-capable portable 2.5″ HDD enclosure, especially if you have access to a spare storage drive. The Patriot Gauntlet Node is a great device for users that want to stream media and files to portable devices without being confined to a specific location.


  • Very easy to use with both Android and Windows devices.
  • Widespread compatibility.
  • User-definable storage quantity, up to 2TB.
  • FAT32 and NTFS compatible.
  • Good battery life.
  • Small, sturdy and sleek design.
  • Can stream to multiple devices, simultaneously.


  • Awkward power button.
  • WiFi range is only acceptable.

KitGuru says: A very good portable wireless drive enclosure that is a great device for frequent travellers or users wanting to transfer files to their numerous gadgets.

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Rating: 9.0.

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