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Apple’s VR headset rumoured to feature dual 8K displays

Apple's VR headset is starting to take shape, with a recent report claiming that it will feature two 8K displays and come in at a very high $3,000 price tag.

We've heard recently that Apple is building a ‘niche' VR headset to launch in 2022. We also heard that it will feature a chip more powerful than the current Apple M1 to power it. If these newly leaked specs and features are to be believed, then it will indeed need a very powerful chip inside to power it properly.

According to The Information this week, Apple's VR headset will feature two 8K displays and more than 12 cameras for movement tracking. Given how much power it takes to render 8K content, Apple has apparently worked on its own version of foveated rendering, meaning only objects in focus of the user's eye will be rendered at full resolution, with everything in the periphery being displayed at lower quality.

If it is indeed an 8K VR headset, then the price tag makes a lot of sense. 8K displays don't come cheap, nor does all of the tracking equipment reportedly inside the headset, which boosts the price all the way up to the $3,000 mark, similarly to Microsoft's HoloLens.

If all of this information turns out to be accurate, then it seems likely that the company will take the Microsoft approach, pitching this as a tool for developers and professionals rather than consumers.

KitGuru Says: What do you all think of Apple's VR headset plans so far?

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