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CES: Vertagear’s PL4500 is the first wireless RGB gaming chair

CES is well under way at this point, we received a ton of new announcements yesterday and it looks like we have even more to look forward to. Today, Vertagear announced its new gaming chair, the Vertagear PL4500, the world's first gaming chair to feature wireless RGB LEDs.

The RGB craze has been swirling for a few years now, it has spread from peripherals, to internal PC hardware and now to gaming chairs. Vertagear hasn't revealed a ton of details yet, but the PL4500 will offer wireless control, audio syncing, full spectrum RGB lighting and individual channel control.

There will be both PC and smartphone applications to control the various features of this chair, including audio and RGB lighting. We have guys on the ground at CES this week, so if we get the chance to check this out, we'll bring you some first impressions and pictures.

KitGuru Says: Gaming chairs often come in a variety of colors, so you'll usually find a combination you like. However, being able to change accent colors on the fly with RGB lights seems like a much more interesting way of doing it. Giving people more freedom of choice is never a bad thing. What do you guys think of Vertagear's chair tease? We'll see if we can get more details for you while we're at CES.

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