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Deleting Facebook now also removes Oculus purchases and account information

The account-linking requirement between Oculus and Facebook has already been causing headaches for some Quest 2 buyers, but there is even more to consider. If you decide to disable your Facebook account for any reason, you will also lose access to all of your purchased content on Oculus devices. 

As pointed out by UploadVR and Twitter user ‘Cix', Facebook has updated the terms for deactivating or deleting your account and how that will impact your Oculus profile:

If you deactivate your Facebook account (a temporary disable method), you will “not be able to access Oculus Products or your Oculus information”, however you can still use Messenger. If you choose to permanently delete your Facebook account, you will also be deleting your Oculus information, this includes “your app purchases and your achievements”. Deleting Facebook also means “you will no longer be able to return any apps and will lose any existing store credits” on the Oculus Store.

If you attempt to create a second Facebook account purely for use with Oculus devices, then you are violating Facebook's new terms and conditions, meaning they can ban your accounts on both platforms.

KitGuru Says: The way Facebook is handling Oculus at this point is just awful. The hardware is genuinely good, but Facebook's changing policies and requirements are certainly cause for concern. How do you all feel about the recent changes Facebook has made to Oculus? 

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